All Things Lavender

Roller Scents


Roll on perfume in a rich jojoba oil base. Simply apply to pulse points and enjoy! Available in your choice of 8 scents:

Lavender: The original. Smells like relaxation in a bottle. Great for stress relief as well as scent.

Lavender Rose: Just enough rose, not overpowering. Smells heavenly.

Lavender Jasmine: This one smells like Summer! Jasmine has such an intoxicatingly sweet smell. Definitely a fan favorite.

Lavender Lilac: Our other favorite purple flower! Smells like fresh cut Lilacs perfectly balanced with the lovely scent of Lavender.

Lavender Sweet Pea: We have been making this blend forever! It's on the sweet side, floral notes.

Lavender Patchouli: Ground yourself with this timeless scent. Patchouli is warm and earthy. We add a little citrus, clove and lavender to balance.

Lavender Amber: Hands down our most popular! Another warm scent, notes of Vanilla, Egyptian Musk, Clary Sage, Amber and Lavender. Get ready to have everyone ask "What are you wearing?! You smell amazing!"

Surf's Up!: Our newest scent that smells exactly as it sounds. This roller is a beachy blend of Coconut, Jasmine & Lavender. Originally a seasonal scent, but everyone wanted us to keep making. Who doesn't want to smell like the beach in the middle of February?

Formally know as Aromascents.

.35 fl oz.